Ravello's Duomo

Piazza Duomo (Ravello)

Ravello's duomo, dedicated to santa Maria Assunta, promises the piazza in Ravello. In July 1918, Pope Benedict XV he raised to the rank of minor basilica. Was founded in 1086-1087 on the model of the Abbey of Montecassino: at this period the lintels of the three doors on the façade.

Remarkable is the central portal, bronze panels by Barisano da Trani dated 1179, donated by Sergio Muscettola, husband of Sigilgaida Pironti.
The two-storey Bell Tower with mullioned Windows and intertwined arches, dates from the 13th century.

In the 18th century it was demolished the front porch in front of the façade (there are four columns). In the same century, the Interior was decorated with Baroque stuccoes, today removed (they were kept only in the transept).

Within two splendid Ambos in marble inlays enrich it as he approaches: on the right the Ambo of the Gospel, opera by Nicola di Bartolomeo da Foggia (1272), and left another Byzantine-derived, with the depiction of the biblical story of the prophet Jonah and the sea monster, which was given by the second Bishop of Ravello.

In the seventeenth-century chapel to the left of the presbytery is guarded, according to tradition, the phial of blood of san Pantaleone, this relic in Ravello already in 1112 and that each year presents the phenomenon of liquefaction.



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