Villa Bellini

Via Etnea 292 (Catania)

Oggi: 6:00 AM-10:00 PM
8:52 PM-8:52 PM

The Bellini gardens (or Villa Bellini) is one of the four main public gardens. Locally it is often referred to simply as "' a Villa".

The oldest part of the garden dates back to the eighteenth century and belonged to Prince Ignazio Paternò Castello of Biscari, who had wanted according to types of then with hedges laid out to form mazes, decoration of statuary in the walkways and numerous fountains of various cups gush of water or a waterfall. This architectural concept had earned its name by maze. The garden was entrusted to skilled gardeners among which the first was Pietro Paolo Archdeacon and later Giuseppe Squillaci. After the death of Prince patron died on 1 December 1786, the garden gradually declined because of abandonment by the heirs. It was offered for sale starting in 1820 but only after a long period of negotiations, on 29 September 1854 the Maze was purchased by the city of Catania from owner Anna Moncada Paternò Castello, descendant from the heirs of Prince



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