Palazzo Platamone

Via Vittorio Emanuele II (Catania)

Oggi: Chiuso

The Park was a Sicilian family, among the most influential of the political landscape in the fifteenth century the Kingdom of Trinacria.

The Palazzo Platamone is also known as the Palace of culture.

In the fifteenth century, the family Park was in Catania is one of the most prestigious, i.e. among those who managed to get a good number of offices; in fact, its members were added to the trade, activities which were devoted, management of many public offices. Included several prominent members, including Michele Platamone (son of Baldassare, Duke of Belmurgo), who was invested on 16 March 1803 of the titles of Prince of Larderia, Prince of Moscow, conte di Sant'Antonio, Baron of Roccapalumba, Baron, Baron of Imposa, Baron of Almidara, Lord of Ritibillini and Buscaglia Longarini, Sannini.

One of the most important characters of this family was Baptist Platamone; He graduated in law at the University of Padua, from 1420 he occupied several posts fiscal and administrative matters, including that of Viceroy, accumulating among other things many noble titles and estates, so as to be able to lend money to the Crown.

His name, as does that of another important jurist of his time, Adam Asmund, associated, together with that of Alfonso the magnanimous, the birth of the first Sicilian University, precisely that of Catania (1434)



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