The Zaki

strada Fey 1 (Bra)

Oggi: 8:30 AM-12:45 PM

The Zizzola is an iconic building of Bra.

In the warmer months from May to September you can discover the interior, in the spectacular multimedia museum exhibition of "Zizzola. House of of Bra ".

In an octagonal plan with two floors topped by a central tower, it is situated on the highest point of the city: the Monteguglielmo hill near which until the sixteenth century was situated the ancient castle. The Bra 1875 guide: ".. by Att properties. Maffei, elegant and graceful round overlooking the city. According to the tradition behind this villa, on a paved who still admires, the convenissero witches once celebrating on Saturday. " So it was a country villa and delights that rich owners opened to friends for parties and receptions. In 1962 Zizzola was donated to the City of Bra by Dr. Guido Fasola, whose family owned since 1915 with the constraint that the building was designated as the seat of conferences or museum or other public nature of activities and the land used as a garden or public park. After many years, in 2009, recent renovations have brought the Zizzola the old splendor and from 2015 is home to the site of the town historical memory: a backward path to introduce Bra young people and visitors. (Lidia Botto, Art Treasures in Bra). In the park are held cultural and entertainment events organized mainly seasonal.



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