Galleria Umberto I

Ponte Umberto I (Turin)

The Galleria Umberto I is a historic building in Turin, which hosts several business premises.
It is located in the area of Porta Palazzo, in contiguity with its historic market.
Already ancient seat of first hospital of Turin, was the largest shopping mall in the city.


The Mauritian sacred religion after merging with the order of Saint Lazarus, became the order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, in Santa Croce, established his headquarters. The area, between piazza della Repubblica, via Milan, via della Basilica and via Egidi, housed since 1480 the Palace of the Knights. It from 1575 to 1887 was the first seat of the Ospedale Maggiore of the order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, also becoming the first hospital in the city.
Enlarged in 1603 and in 1638, the building became the city's main hospital and was completely rebuilt in 1666, by architect Francesco Lanfranchi. In 1671 the building was again expanded by architect Rocco Antonio Rubatto that made the sleeve longa, two large courtyards connected between them and the locals of the historic Mauritian Pharmacy.
In 1715, at the same time the work juvarriani of "dirizzamento" of the adjacent via Milano, the new site of the Palace of the Knights was entrusted to the architect Giovan Battista Ferroggio. The conclusion of work in 1780 saw the construction of large volume with a cruise of the corridors. With the advent of the French rule, the Ospedale Mauriziano was closed, aggregandolo the new headquarters of Ospedale San Giovanni Battista.

The return of the Savoy, the reconstituted Council of Mauritian deliberated the reopening of the historic hospital and commissioned a new extension, entrusting the project to Carlo and Giuseppe Mosca and to Ernesto Melano. So it was that between 1837 and 1843 he completed the side corridor outside and life extension sleeve. Now inadequate to a city increasingly populated, in 1884 the hospital was transferred to the new seat of course Stupinigi (the current f. Turati), today's Ospedale Mauriziano.
In 1888 the now venerable building of the hospital was purchased by the Banking Firm Brothers Marsaglia, that took care of its restructuring with the project engineer rivets, which provided for the recovery of the building into the shopping mall named after the new King Umberto i. It was opened in 1890 and since then has several businesses including the historic Pharmacy Mauritian, who keeps his seat since 1575.

Design features

Completed in 1889, the Gallery has a cruciform plan, taking advantage of the volumes that once constituted the wards of the hospital. It links the rear via della Basilica with piazza della Repubblica and its historic marketplace: inside you can admire the precious metal and glass cover, as well as the historic pharmacy enforcement Mauritian.
The Galleria Umberto I is the largest of the Turin galleries were built between the 18th and 19th centuries.


Inside the tunnel were filmed some scenes of the movie Trevico-Torino-Viaggio nel Fiat-Nam (1973) by Ettore Scola and most importantly, the way we laughed (1998) by Gianni Amelio.



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