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You do not know with certainty the origin of the first tower on the promontory of San Benigno and the year of its construction even if the first reliable source that speaks of the Lantern? a decree of the municipality that wouldn't start the 1128 tasks related to its maintenance and supply of wood to feed the fire among suburban men. The inhabitants of Tan, Sassanedo, Sty, Cavannuccia and Granarolo in Val Polcevera had to perform the guard shifts while those by Cummins, Sestri, Pascual and Burlo had to provide everyone a bundle of "brisca" and "Heather" (broom and dried Heather) for feeding the fire in the night. In 1326 he became Housing thanks to the use of olive oil lamps at the expense of fires and After being used as a prison in the 14th century, was incorporated in the stronghold of French Weir and had to suffer the destruction of the top during the espugnazione of the fortress by the Genoese; the reconstruction of the building by a group of magistri antelami led by Martino from Siddhartha, was begun in 1543 with a financing of Banco di San Giorgio and the following year took his Lantern definitive structure. The last change you had at the beginning of the 800 with the addition of the fortifications of Savoy today seat of the Museo della Lanterna. the Tower underwent several restorations since 1932 until its opening to the public in 1994.

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