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The Civic Museum "Attilio and Cleofe Gaffoglio Museum" offers to the public a view of valuable collections of jewellery, ivories, porcelain, porcelain, sculptures and paintings dating from the 14th to the 20th century, which has collected and Attilio Gaffoglio Museum at his home in arccolto ' over the past 40 years. His house soon becomes a kind of House Museum; in fact, he exhibits the works and objects of art for material and type; by his own admission, he thinks that should be exposed to the public and available to all. The donation to the city of Rapallo takes place early in the year 2000 and comprises 303 objects and works of art: ancient porcelains, ivories, ceramics, icons and a small nucleus of scultute paintings and other items of different matter. On 17 July 2000 Attilio Gaffoglio Museum dies suddenly leaving the city of rapallo, heir of the remaining works, more than 400 between porcelain, ivories, enamels, paintings and jewellery. Among the ivories, noteworthy are the splendid 15th century casket attributable to bottega degli Embriachi Venetian, the Crucifix of ' 600 runs in Flanders, the oval produced in Germany in the ' 600 in a fine frame and then the "tankard". mugs with lid carved ivory to relief and "scrimshaws", engravings on marine mammal bone. Among the porcelain, Italian, French, German and English the core pi? consistent and significant? consisting of those performed by the Meissen manufactory. Between jewellery, particularly valuable objects are executed in St. Petersburg by Faberg? during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II. After the death of Attilio Gaffoglio Museum,? the commune of rapallo had also a large number of paintings, almost all of landscape, authors of 800 and early ' 900, as Feng, Follini, Bagley, Raina and Delleani. The path begins in the upper room Museum that collects the silvers, the ivories, the Woods and ends in the Hall on the ground floor, where are the porcelains, paintings and sculptures.

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