Via Gramsci 58 (Alassio)

Oggi: Chiuso

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The Pinacoteca Carlo Levi is located in the restored Palace Morteo, stable in 1600. We are hosted on permanent display some works by the Turin writer who often stayed at Alassio between 1929 and 1975. The gallery exhibits 22 paintings to be on loan from the Foundation Carlo Levi of Rome, which tral, divided into 3 sections that include portraits and landscapes depicted by the artist during the months of stay in the Ligurian town, stand the large canvases of carob trees and a portrait of Italo Calvino. In August 2004, Antonio Ricci, through public auction, bought part of the historical archives of Carlo Levi, donating it to the city of Alassio. The Department of Culture, in collaboration with the University of Genoa, he did re-order and catalog. Currently this documentation is in the public library, which is available on written request, waiting for esserwe placed in the Levi gallery, and thus be available to the general public.

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