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Opened in May 2009, on the top floor of the historic home of the Nautical Institute "Leon Pancaldo" with the aim of collecting, restoring and preserving the rich heritage of the equipment, machinery, equipment, laboratory of historic ancient volumes and memories of an Institute which was founded in 1856, in its long history has trained thousands of students and has borne the name of Savona in the world.
The exhibition is spread over an area of 500 square meters and includes various sections: the paintings Gallery of graduates during the long history of the Institute, historical photos of port Savona of the early ' 900, ship models, historical equipment of physical laboratory and electrical engineering, instrumentation and equipment on board, model steam engines fully functional, marine machine models , technical drawings made by students in the years 1950-60, room port operators, studio-library which houses books, with 19th-century instruments weather station, working perfectly, who daily transmits data to send to the Ministry and ARPAL agriculture, the great historic Planetarium, one of the few operating in Italy.

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