Sartirana Lomellina
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Museo degli Argenti (MAC); Museum of Contemporary Ornaments (MOC); Museum for Textile Arts (m.a.t.); Museum for graphic art (MAG); Museum for the Decorative Arts and Design (MADD); Fashion Museum (MU-MO)

The castle of Sartirana currently is home to the Sartirtana Art Foundation that he set up in some interesting permanent collections.
Of great value are the collections that you can admire in the MAC (Museum for Contemporary silverware) composed of approximately 300 pieces made by famous designers from 1970 to the present.
In the MOC (Museum for Contemporary Jewellery) are about 100 artist made jewelry by artisans lomellini, valenzani, Florence, Pesaro, Rome, Milan, Langley, etc.
The MAT (for Textile Arts Museum) captivates with exposure of several Anatolian kilims that Dario Valcarenghi granted i

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