Torre de ' Passeri
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Dantesca Gallery "f. Badger", brings together works of art related to Dante's poem, the result of donations or legacies resulting from subsequent exhibitions of Iconographic Museum Dantesque. Among the authors featured in the collection are Abbey, bankers, Badi, Bodini, Bonichi, Calabria, Cameron, Campbell, Charest, Crocetti, Demetrescu, blacksmiths, Falconi, Fieschi, Parekh, Gaeyaniello, Gonzales, Greek, Gromo, Guidi, Guiotto, Kokocinski, Manzini, Masci, Mulas, Nelson Ricci, Ossola, pump, purified, Raheem, Roman, Salvadori, Sassu, gravies, Tabusso, Toba, Tommasi Ferroni, Trubbiani and Turchia

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